Making an RGB Nightlight

Ever wanted to make a nightlight? Here is a nice example of a work in progress.

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Using an iPhone 5C case, a few RGB 5050 LED’s and a Fez Cerberus Gadgeteer main board. Also in the box will be a light sensor for detecting when it gets dark, this will allow the light to auto dim and a few buttons for random colour selection and cycling.

The response from the little girl who is getting it as part of her birthday was a joy to see.

More to follow…

Update 23rd May 2014

One of the questions I’ve been thinking about is how much heat is generated by the six RGB LED’s that are on the Ingenuity Micro RGB circle that I’m using for this project? In real terms its not a lot per LED but with six of them inside a sealed plastic case?? Not so sure the case will transfer the heat out and the last thing i want to have happen is the box melting or the CPU overheating. Continue reading Making an RGB Nightlight

Microsoft and the IoT

Microsoft have really begun expanding into the Internet of things! have a look at the site above to get an idea. This is great news for Gadgeteer and the .NET Microframework.

To quote the site

Create the Internet of Your Things

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