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The DSLR Module.

One of the great benefits of the Gadgeteer .NETMF platform is the fact that you can get up and running very quickly. Just plug the modules you need into the mainboard, write some C#, deploy and bingo one working prototype. But what about if you wanted to control something new? Isn’t that difficult? Well no its not.

To start with you need to get a breadboard, the components you need and an Extender module. This extender module allows you to easily connect up a bread boarded project and start getting your new thingy working.

But whats next and how to turn my new idea into a module?

For this project I had already built my prototype on a breadboard and got the code working, all I needed to do now was to turn it into a proper PCB. To start with I got hold of a free copy of Cadsoft Eagle PCB, an excellent PCB design tool that’s fairly easy to get to grips with.

First I laid out the schematic.





Then using the PCB tools routed the traces and laid out the components in the best way possible.

DSLRPCBThe hardest part of doing this is the final layout. If you are making a module yourself then check, double check and triple check your final design before you send the files off for manufacturing.

On the subject of manufacturing, there are a number of ways of getting the boards made. I wont link to them here but lets just say there are a few places in the east that will give you near pro production quality for not a lot of money.


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